Self-expression, communication, and creative problem solving

The Art & Soul experience is a unique vehicle for self-discovery and team building. Colleagues learn that everyone sees situations and problems differently and each point of view matters and is valid. Participant's will:

  • Release stress and unwind by tapping into their creative center
  • Discover a new way of thinking, problem solving, and relating to team members
  • Engage the right brain creative state to enhance intuitive thinking and increased productivity
  • Learn to see images and extract their meaning for self-expression, communication, and creative problem solving

Using collage images and art materials for individual exploration and self-expression, each participant will complete a personal project before bringing them together into a collective art piece.

The completed piece will show distinct differences and unique points of view while encouraging a new way of thinking, problem solving, and working together. This fun, active, and stimulating workshop will help your team cultivate individual and collective creativity!

Contact Art & Soul mentor for your next business meeting, retreat, or brainstorming session and let us inspire your creative energy!

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