Dream Big. Start Small. Act Now.

Vision Boarding
See it… Believe it… Own it!

Are you working hard, only to realize you are too tired to do YOU at the end of the day?

It's time you show yourself a little love, overcome the things that have been holding you back, accept the things you can't control, and above all realize that… YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

This workshop will help you:

discover desires, dreams, and goals
visualize and reflect on your soul dreams
clarify what you want to create in your life
attract your ideal outcomes

Unique, intuitive collage process deepens self-awareness, creativity, and gives voice to your soul.

Connect and listen to your personal soul voice. What makes you smile? What feeds your soul? What images speak to you? Who are you? Explore these questions and more as you build a Dream/Vision Board with collage and art materials to help you 'Own Your Dream'.

As your Art & Soul mentor, I will help you tap into your soul voice with thoughtful prompts for self-discovery, guided meditation, and help with assorted art materials to enhance your collage and tell your story. Focus is on the process of exploration and internal inquiry, not on the end visual result.

All materials provided. Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary!

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