This image caught my eye as I was thinking about a Mother’s Day post. At first I had to pause a moment to think about what this spiral staircase had to do with my feelings about motherhood.  There is actually a lot more to this particular image than the stairs but I started thinking about motherhood being like climbing a very tall staircase. You don’t know where it goes, don’t know how tall it is or what obstacles you might encounter along the way. You have no choice but to get on it and start climbing because you are carrying another life with you. Later on you may not carry so much as support them along the way. There are times you make mistakes and falter but also joys and sometimes heartbreaks too. And no matter how scary it is on that staircase, even when you feel like you might fall, you just keep going. You are responsible for another life and nothing is more important than getting them to the top.

As a mother of two adult children, I find the staircase has disappeared. And I wonder, “When did we reach the top?” As I reflect on the image, I realize that those stairs seem more like the Golden Mean Spiral, beautiful and symbolic of life’s unfolding mysteries. And the perfect example of this is the nautilus shell. The nautilus shell is a representation of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole, child and parent separate but joined. When I think about my kids and the wonderful adults they have grown into to spite my stumbles along the way, I feel ever blessed.  I leave you with these two images to reflect on in your own way. Keep in mind, they will likely have an entirely different meaning to you. Consider how they make you feel, then write about it, paint it, collage it, feel it! Peace and Happy Mother’s Day!

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